Temple (Primary) World Maps

Maps are a great way of observing cities, towns, land masses, important topographical features, and specific & unique pieces of worlds.

I am going to include 2 kinds of maps for Temple:

1.) The first is a detailed map of “Temple” itself – the settlement established by the physicist and cult leader, Shiloh. The most important aspects of the world are located within its boundaries. It is strictly forbidden to pass the outer Northern boundaries, and explicitly worse to venture out of the Southern entrance boundaries. There is only 1 way in, and no way out (though, as you’ll see, the mountains are visible even past the boundary walls on both ends). The goal is to keep the settlement contained, until such a time comes where growth becomes necessary to address. Since this is considered a semi-utopian society, growth is only allowed to a certain extent … over-population is not an issue here!


2.) The second map is an overview of just exactly where on earth Temple is located. To be specific, it is within the North Georgia Mountains, in a previously unexplored cave system deep within the Chattahoochee National Forest.




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