Temple (Primary World) Timeline

Temple is within one of the “membranes” adjacent to our own reality on Earth. It is thus an alternate dimension that mimics its parallel world. Therefore, the passage of seasons and time is as similar on Temple as it is in the “real world”. There are 12 months in one year, and 4 seasons spread throughout it, mimicking Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. A single day is 24 hours, and 1 hour is 60 minutes (and so on and so forth). Time seems to be replicated convincingly.

However, because Temple is in fact a “membrane” – an alternate dimension – time passes differently. 100 years in Temple is a mere 10 in the “real world”. Therefore, though Temple has been around for roughly 320 years, those years would accumulate to a mere 32 when placed within its adjacent dimension. The detailed timeline that follows below expands upon the 320 years of Temple’s history – the good, the bad, and the simply unbelievable.

Moons = Months

Year “1” = establishment of Temple/establishment of new world & life


A Timeline of Events of the History of the Templars:

Year 1, Moon 5:

Shiloh, the great leader, and a group of 50 travelers emerge into the unknown forest. A town is quickly established and set up. The Tower is the first structure that emerges from Templar soil.

Year 2, Moon 7:

The Creed is mounted for all to see upon The Tower, and is firmly and promptly followed. Population expands to 75 inhabitants. The Chapel is also established.

Year 5, Moon 8:

A natural honeybee grove is discovered next to Bow River, quite near the Chapel. Honey is found to be a restorative resource thanks to Shiloh’s experiments. It becomes a valuable commodity.

Year 20, Moon 3:

The Barriers are erected within the town; guards are posted at every gate. Protection becomes priority following perceived animal attack on 3 village homes – all 3 families are killed.

Year 25, Moon 1:

The Great Famine kills 250 inhabitants. Over-grazing of farmland, bad harvest, and frigid temperatures are all blamed.

Year 57, Moon 4:

Honeybee enclosures are expanded to accommodate rising need of restorative honey resources.

Year 76, Moon 9:

Population reaches an all-time high: 1,055 inhabitants.

Year 105, Moon 4:

The Great Fire burns through most of the homes built in the Familial sections. Many children are lost. Fire is thought to be created accidentally, as no proof exists of sabotage.

Year 105, Moon 5:

Shiloh celebrates passing of Golden Age – New Creed is placed upon Tower.

Year 137, Moon 8:

Strange deaths are reported and confirmed as possible pestilence. State of quarantine is enforced.

Year 137, Moon 11:

Shiloh’s first bride and mistress falls ill from the pestilence and dies. Darkness follows her descent into death; all are worried that pestilence will affect their longevity and health.

Year 137, Moon 12:

Pestilence reigns supreme. 276 souls perish.

Year 140, Moon 6:

17 people are hung in town square for failure to adhere to Creed. First public executions.

Year 156, Moon 5:

Bow River dries up; 300 perish. Unseasonably arid and dry spring; flora and fauna suffer massive casualties.

Year 183, Moon 4:

Shiloh introduces 4 new wives. 4 heirs are brought into the world.

Year 194, Moon 7:

Explosion in town center goes off; all heirs are lost. National mourning. Traitors never found. New edicts put into place.

Year 200, Moon 5:

Bicentennial celebration; new all-time population high: 3,067 inhabitants. New Creed placed on Tower.

Year 236, Moon 4:

The Monsoon floods all. The Great Re-building and Restoration takes place.

Year 244, Moon 10:

Unfair distribution of honey resources. Common folk assemble in town market and protest. Protests are shut down by Temple guards.

Year 251, Moon 12:

Poor harvest leads to massive starvation and death. Common folk steal from grain stores. 45 are sent to the Tower to hang.

Year 275, Moon 12:

Holy celebration interrupted by gunfire and wild antics; 35 insubordinates publicly executed.

Year 290, Moon 1:

Shiloh announces marriage. New mistress is named and carved.

Year 292, Moon 11:

New heir is born. New age is proclaimed by Shiloh. New Creed is placed upon Tower.

Year 293, Moon 10:

The Great Pestilence strikes again, attacking elderly and middle-aged. 1, 023 perish.

Year 302, Moon 8:

Record high number of children, ages 5 to 18: 402. Public spankings increase.

Year 305, Moon 11:

Homes are raided. Traitors hung and quartered. New Creed placed on Tower.

Year 306, Moon 4:

Honey stores and resources at an all-time low. Massive riots break out in market-place, shut down by Temple guards. All 17 instigators are hung on the Tower.

Year 307, Moon 12:

Infirmary is broken into and massive stores of medicines and elixirs are stolen. Perpetrators never found.

Year 313, Moon 4:

Chapel Marriage ceremonies bombarded. Traitors hung and quartered. New Creed placed on Tower.

Year 315, Moon 5:

The Great Escape.



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